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Update Assets


Assets can be either recorded against a person or a desk. 

If an asset is recorded against a person the BOS Move Data will display without the assets.


If an asset is recorded against a desk the BOS Move Data will display with the assets. Note that the BOS Move Data will be different depending on what is in the BOS Schema.


Asset Recorded against a Person

If assets are recorded against a person then phases will have no impact and the asset move action will not apply.

Asset Recorded against a Desk

It is important to remember that any changes will automatically Sync Forward to future phases and never backwards to past phases.

Asset Moving

If assets are recorded against a workpoint and the workpoint is referenced in an earlier phase then when the workpoint is added the move data will be used.

  • In Phase 1, workpoint 9.1 has the Computer Asset #5689 moving to workpoint 9.2 and the Move Action by default as Unknown and this changed to Moving.

  • In Phase 2, workpoint 9.2 is added and the Computer Asset #5689 is shown against the desk pulled from Phase 1 data.

Asset Not Moving

  • Phase 1, workpoint 9.1 has Phone Asset #6678 not moving to workpoint 9.2 and the Move Action is Not Moving. Note that either Discard or Unknown produces the same result.

  • Phase 2, workpoint  9.2 is added, Phone Asset #6678 is NOT shown.