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View Building Overview

The building details provide high-level information about where in Serraview the building displays, leasing information, and costs.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Buildings & Floors.
  2. Click on the building name. The building overview displays.


This displays the following areas:


On the right-hand side, the statistics display for the building. These statistics are the same as the Visual Block and Stack statistics, for more information refer to the View Block and Stack's Information Panel Statistics.

Audit History 

The Audit History image2021-10-18_9-41-12.png icon lets you display the View Building Audit History.

Building Overview

This contains the details for:

  • Building Location
  • Details
  • Leasing
  • Health Declaration
  • Reservations
  • Settings
  • Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Display any custom fields that have been added to the building. For more information, refer to Custom Fields.