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Service Requests


The Service Requests module enables the management and delivery of space requests, such as requests for additional desks or to relocate.


Use the Service Requests module as the central location increases efficiency by:

  • Ensuring visibility over past, present and future workload.
  • Providing a business-facing Service Request form to collect space requests which streamlines communication between requesters and the Corporate Real Estate team.
  • Direct interface from business-facing form and Service Requests module cuts down manual data entry.
  • Applying default costing to report back to requester and the business.
  • Enabling automated approvals and re-approvals.
  • Reporting on work completed.

Create and Manage Service Requests

Create Service Requests

You can create a new service request and if you are raising requests using the New Service Request form, and you may also have access to the My Service Requests. This lets you view your open service request, refer to View your Service Requests

Manage Service Requests

It is important to understand the functions of the Service Request module, as requests are created and maintained. The process is detailed in the Manage and Edit Service Request Best Practice.

When you click the Help image2021-11-9_8-56-18.pngicon Serraview's Product Support Panel displays with the context sensitive help for module and also in the panel, there is a Support image2021-11-9_8-56-42.png icon that is linked to Serraview's Zendesk Support. This icon is for submitting support tickets to Serraview Support Team

However, if you are finding that your users are sending in tickets that would be better handled by your Serraview System Administrator then you can change the link to your internal support ticketing system or to an internal support email address. Refer to Set up the Product Support link.


You can use Serraview's  Service Request module to manage and deliver space requests or you can integrate with either:

Audit History

When the service requests are updated the changes are recorded in the audit history, refer to View the Service Request Audit History.