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326 Utilization - Building and Floor Summary


This report is found on the Reports Dashboard.

This report gives an overview of key utilization statistics for a building or floor over a chosen date range.

Key Data

Workpoints Checkbox - The checkbox will change the Peak and Unique statistics in the dashboard.

  • Peak
    • If the Workpoints checkbox is ticked, then Peak is peak point-in-time count of workpoints (the number of workpoints detected in use at the peak point in time).
    • If the Workpoints checkbox is not ticked, then Peak is the peak peak point-in-time count of people.
  • Unique
    • If the Workpoints checbox is ticked, then Unique is the count of unique workpoints in the entire day that had any activity (this can't exceed your number of workpoints). They may or may not have been used at the same time.
    • If the Workpoints checbox is not ticked, then Unique is the count of unique people in the entire day.

Statistics - Are highlighted for the building or floor for the whole date range for:

  • Total Workpoints
  • Total People
  • Peak People
  • Minimum Unoccupied
  • Peak Utilized


Line chart - Displays the Peak People and Unique People for each day of the date range.

Building Stack chart - Displays the Peak People vs the Minimum Unoccupied workpoints for each floor in the building (even if you only have one floor selected, this allows you to see the floor in the context of the whole building).

Average Week chart - Displays the average peak people for each weekday for the date range.


  • The Peak People and Seen People statistics in the report will switch to Peak Workpoints / Unique Workpoints. This can be useful if you want to focus on desk usage only (excluding Shared Spaces).
  • There is a label that tells you which data sources are contributing to the utilization stats (e.g., SVLive Wi-Fi, SVLive Wired, Sensors). Depending on your setup, this may change from building to building; it may also change if you switch from Peak People to Peak Workpoints.