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224 Badge Swipe Team Utilization Report


Utilization Source: Badge Swipe data

Shows utilization for each team that matches the building and Org Unit filters, based on the assumption that the person who entered the building sat within their team allocation. This report gives you a quick understanding of recent Badge Swipe utilization behavior at the team level.

Key Data

  • Basic details for each team, e.g. Org Unit rollup, cost center, occupancy statistics.
  • Peak Badge Swipe occupancy for each month in the selected timeframe.
  • A Team Ratio calculated as the highest monthly peak divided by the team's total workpoints.
  • Validation details for the team.
  • Assigned workstation and Speedgate card number of each occupant of the selected teams and locations.

Teams tab


Occupants tab



  • The badge rows will show total badge swipes, for example the same person swiping multiple times a day, rather than the number of unique people.
  • Different details about the building, team, and occupant can all be included upon request. For example, building costs or a person's manager.