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Eptura Knowledge Center

‘Serraview Live Configuration’ Section

The below configuration options can be found in the 'Serraview Live Configuration' section.

The section will only be visible if your instance has the 'Serraview Live' module enabled, and you have the required secured action.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Serraview Live Configuration.
  2. The settings to configure are:



Exclude Wifi Space Types field

System Administrator

The Space Type ID to exclude.

Minimum Active Minutes field

Serraview Only Configuration

The minimum number of active minutes.

Num Raw Rows To Process At Once field

Serraview Only Configuration

The number of raw rows to process at once.

Other Seating Predicate field

Serraview Only Configuration

The Serraview Implementation team will configure this setting.

For example:

ContainerTypeID != 22 and ChargeRuleID != 34 and Workpoints > 0

SerraviewLive Granularity Threshold In Sec field

Serraview Only Configuration

The SVLive granularity threshold in seconds.

3. Click the Update button.