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Update Status and Actions


From the Manage Service Request screen.

  • Click a service request to edit. The Edit Service Request screen displays.

Change the Status

The Service Request status will default to unassigned.


From Status drop-down, select a status. For example, the status can be:

  • Unassigned
  • Pre-Approval
  • Approved
  • Scheduled
  • Implementation
  • Completed
  • Closed
  • Canceled
  • Rejected

The following will change:

Element Description
clipboard_e428a6c44329477b8027052907a62d675.png Status icon and name.
clipboard_eb62ff4e1cadcffa7aaafc353880440a8.png Progress bar display the different steps.
clipboard_eb60e130998f87426ac6cd6b27fd193bb.png Action list displays the default tasks.

Close Service Request

When the Service Request's status is changed to closed the Set Closed Date dialog displays.


  1. From the Close Date calendar picker, select a date.
  2. Click the OK button.

Action List

From the Manage Service Request screen.

  • Click a service request to edit. The Edit Service Request screen displays.

The Action List will display with default tasks based on the step. The list provides you with a checklist of tasks that you can complete.

Add task

  1. From the Actions List, in the add task field, enter in the task.
  2. Click the Add button. A new task is inserted in the Actions List.

If the tasks are marked as complete but you realized there was a missing task you can go back to the Actions List and add the task.

  1.  From the Status drop-down, select the previous status.
  2. From the Actions area, add the task.

The new task is inserted into the Actions List and the circle displays Mark all as done.

Edit an action

  1. From the Actions List, click the Pencil icon_pencil.pngicon.


2. In the task field, edit the task description.

3. Click the tick clipboard_e2498edf4e1a2d84ea25f578063e72982.png icon to save.

To delete an action, click the Trashclipboard_e701350f1920a3b500c0e26a8cb9f88fb.pngicon.

Mark a task as complete

When a task has been completed, then click the blank circle. The action will display with a green circle.

Mark all tasks as complete

  1. When all the tasks are completed, then click the Mark all as done circle. The circle changes to ticked and displays Mark all as incomplete.


2. Click the Mark Step as Complete button. The progress bar displays the next step.