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Back to Work - Space Capacity Changes


This dashboard report is used to review changes made to a floor in terms of seating capacity in shared spaces, or for the re-purpose of spaces the removal of workpoints to enable social distancing measures in the workplace. 

Some examples of this are:

  • Reduce the number of seats in a meeting room  
  • Re-purpose meeting rooms into a temporary office (Temp Office space type under Workspace)
  • Re-purpose a meeting rooms into an Isolation Room (Isolation Room space type under Workspace)
  • Change every second workpoint into a Covid-19 Space Buffer space type, with a workpoint value of zero.  

Key Data

  • Floorplan
    • Highlighted with the most common shared space types impacted by back to work activities highlighted in color.
  • Shared Spaces Table
    • Space Type
    • Original Capacity
    • Reduced Capacity
    • Offline Capacity
    • Reduced %
  • Workpoints Table
    • Original Capacity
    • Reduced Capacity
    • Offline Capacity
    • Reduced by %