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When you are in Engage Web or Mobile you will see different icons and cards. Below is a summary so you can become familiar with the display.

Location Switcher

When you switch your location you will be able to see which floors have availability. You will see how many desks are still available and ready to be reserved by you. The number in the center is the total number of spaces you can reserve and the purple is how many available desks you have permission to reserve.



The floorplan will display the following icons:

Icon Description

Space is occupied (dark blue dot).


Space is unoccupied and available to be reserved (colored dot).

Remember your company may have a different color of the unoccupied space. Your System Administrator can change the color; learn more in Set up visibility of reserved desks and available desks on the floorplan.


Space has been selected as part of a Neighborhood or Team selection (colored dot with a white outline).


Space is unavailable (gray dot).


Markers to show the different items in the office.

Remember your System Administrator can make the markers visible on your floorplan; learn more in Make your Markers visible in Engage.


When you click on a space (from the floorplan) different cards will display different information depending on if the space is occupied, available, unavailable , etc. Also, when you search for a person and then click on their name the card will display information such as reserved desk, remote working, flexible working, etc.

Space Card Person Card Description



Reserved Desk

This indicates is the space is occupied.



Team Reserved Desk

This indicates is the space is occupied by a Team Booking.

clipboard_ed283a4b7853a7aa98d115e2a775c8988.png   Space is unoccupied and available to be reserved.
clipboard_e3842ca7984e9417d289a86c2c5b409b9.png   Space is unavailable.




Assigned Desk

The employee has an assigned desk in Serraview's Block and Stack (VBS). This desk (depending on the setup) can only be reserved by the employee assigned to that desk.



Flexible Working

This is where the employee has a physical location in Serraview’s Block and Stack (VBS) and they don’t have a desk reservation.



Remote Working 

This is where an employee doesn’t have a physical location in Serraview’s Block and Stack (VBS) as they are remote worker and they don't have a desk reservation.

When you have SVLive implemented you will see more statuses and you can learn more in Engage with SVLive2.

Person Card Description


When selecting a user with a wired SVLive location, Engage will load the corresponding location on the floorplan and show the “Live” label on the employee card. This label lets Engage users to know that the employee’s device is located at the specified desk.



When a wired location is unavailable but a Wi-Fi one is, Engage will display a circle encompassing the corresponding location on the floorplan and show the “Wi-Fi” label on the employee card.