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View Attributes


When you want to view which space has a particular attribute/equipment, such as video conferencing, you will be able to quickly display this on the floorplan.

We recommend you turn off all the spaces types to make it easy to see which spaces have the selected attribute. To do this, from the Space Types view:

  1. Click the Zone name to select the Zone.
  2. Click the Zone name again to turn off all the children's space types.

turn off the zone.gif

  1. From the Spaces Toolbar, click the Attributesimage2022-4-4_9-46-27.pngicon to display the Attributes panel.
  2. You can either search for the attribute or browse the attributes list. When you find the attribute click on the attribute name to highlight it on the floorplan.

view space attributes.gif

If you want to update your space's attributes list, see Add or Remove the Space's Attributes.