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Access and Launch Insights Dashboards


  1. You must have purchased a license for Insights.
  2. Your System Administrator needs to grant you access to Insights, how more in Security for Insights Dashboards.

Access Insights

  1. From the left menu, navigate to Insights > Serraview Insights

If you see a browser error 401, then refer to Insights Troubleshooting.

Launch Insights Dashboards

  1. Click the Open Folder image2021-10-19_10-57-19.png icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the Shared folder. For example image2021-10-19_11-1-19.png


The list of dashboards that are available to you displays.

3. Select a dashboard to launch.

To close the dashboard panel, click the Close Folders image2021-10-19_10-57-19.pngicon.