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Navigate Service Request

After a New Service Request is created by the business, the Corporate Real Estate team will manage it through the Service Requests. This area contains the following screens:
  • Manage Service Request
  • Create a Service Request
  • Edit a Service Request
  • Leave a Service Request

From left-menu click, Move Add Change > Service Requests. The Manage Service Requests screen displays. For more information, refer to Manage Service Request Queue.


This screen consists of the following.

Element Description

Create a Service Request button

You can create a new service request, refer to Create a Service Request.


Archive icon

clipboard_e25c96991b8499459d5c31dfedd7bf9f6.png Delete icon

Quick Reports button

Refer to Service Request Quick Reports

clipboard_e784b27548147323d92da052aeae7b42a.png Quick Report Parameters

Filters option buttons

  • All
  • Mine
  • Closed
  • Unassigned
  • Archived
clipboard_ece964bf2e1408e0327c19762b06f6ff8.png Tag drop-down
clipboard_e6bc8001871584306c606b9d875259ad0.png Search field
clipboard_e678ff8d76f1423493fc86ee441f445ad.png Advanced Filters icon

Service Request Grid

The grid's columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order and the columns that display are:

  • Select All icon

This will only select all the items on the page.

  • Name
  • Summary
  • Type
  • Planned
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Priority
  • Last Modified
  • Last Comment
clipboard_eb87ba847b3fce53dfe89ef116efaea32.png Pagination

A new service request can be submitted by Workplace Administrators and Business Unit Representatives to lodge space requests with the Corporate Real Estate team. For more information, refer to Create a Service Request.


This screen consists of the following:

  • Details
  • Requirements
  • Move Information
  • Questions
  • Attachments

From the Manage Service Request screen.


This screen consists of the following:

Element Description

clipboard_e73949e3e55a65c9351c90a8ba8f39a27.png Service Request Home icon

Navigate back to the Manage Service Request screen.


Create a new Service Request button

You can create a new service request, refer to Create a Service Request.

clipboard_e80c78ed300e84412aa41dfaffa009301.png Service request type drop-down
clipboard_e2cc223f28304170a423d5af8ab5ba629.png Service request summary edit
clipboard_e68ab64538981c76807d0fab880526850.png Tags edit
clipboard_eff117b887e6cf3f3144b4e69d5ce1cea.png Priority selection

Status and vertical progress bar

clipboard_ed3b5b34e5812d1b72f7e46f7dbc7c1a0.png Actions edit
clipboard_e2f495c1de0c3f6ad90d0a14eeba7c628.png Comments add button
clipboard_e5b165e4eeba1f3af43a7a94b7502fd54.png Emails display
clipboard_ec3f226811fb0f5ce6aca5d0409eeba97.png Attachments edit

Other form questions edit

These are custom fields.

clipboard_ecf87fc01c4cc007c3e935eca4cfdf933.png Description edit
clipboard_e2f5f66b2d4ea943204ae755663ad3d3b.png Details section consists of the date calendar pickers, cost center edit, contacts edit, costs edit, related to edit, and approvals.
clipboard_e8f1162874615b68c1fa64dba954e4bf0.png Move Information edit
clipboard_ecc9e68b03e54953979ca5e53676d3a3a.png Justification edit

Leave a Service Request


When you have a service request open, you can leave or exit the service request. 

  • Click on the Service Request Home  clipboard_e4005e3bdd3299dffc48d45bee701195c.png icon to return to the Service Request Home screen or select any menu item to exit a service request.