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Can I use Workplace on an iPad using the Safari browser?

Workplace is a great tool for communicating occupancy changes to HR and your Corporate Real Estate teams. It also helps understand how well your space is being used.

That Workplace only displays spaces that have the charge rule set to Dedicated Allocation.

What can I do using Safari?

The functionality is limited in this browser. If you have the appropriate security permissions and profile access in Workplace, you can:

  • use the Team view.
  • view workpoints for fixed teams.
  • update the following: allocation; occupancy; retention statuses.
  • audit fixed spaces.

What can't I do using Safari?

  • use the People view.
  • view flexi teams (available only in People view).
  • validate workpoints.
  • add or remove team members.
  • view recent changes.
  • download Quick Reports.
  • share access.