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BOS Quick Reports

The BOS module has a set of quick reports that can be run without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module. You can adjust the BOS Move Plan to generate reports that reflect your current view.

For example:

In the BOS Move Plan, you have open, you can filter to a team and then click the reports icon. This will run the report on the move data displayed in the grid.

Run the Quick Reports from the BOS Move Data screen

From the module complete the following:

  1. Open the BOS Move Plan.
  2. Click the BOS Move Data clipboard_e44c776c1b1366d7fb65554ee11375921.png icon.
  3. Adjust your BOS Move Plan view.
  4. Click the Reports icon.


5. Click the quick report.

6. Your report will run and download to your device. When it is downloaded, you can open the report and view its content.

The reports available for this module are:


Report Name



87 BOS - Departing Locations Report

Displays all departing locations within the BOS. 


88 BOS - Arriving Locations Report

Displays all arriving locations within the BOS on a floorplan.


102 BOS Report

This is an export of the BOS Move Rows.

157 157 BOS Arriving Floorplan Report Displays a floorplan view of the destination for each person being moved within a BOS Move Plan.

For information on setting up the quick reports, refer to Quick Reports.