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Badge Swipe Maintenance

Ongoing Uploads


Badge Swipe files are typically uploaded on the first business day of each month and must include all activity data relating to the previous month. It typically takes 1-3 business days to import all files after receipt (assuming no change in data format).

File Naming Standards

As the files are set up to process automatically:

  • All files must be uploaded in a single zip file named as follows: ClientName For example, if a client uploaded a file for March 2017 then the filename would be ClientName
  • Each file must have a building code/identifier (e.g. 500CSM.csv) that does not change from month to month.

Upload Files

The following details the Badge Swipe file upload and process:

  1. Client (usually the security/building management team) uploads a complete month of data in the first few business days of the subsequent month.
  2. Serraview's Badge Swipe Preprocessor will process the file(s) and import the data.
  3. Serraview sends the import notification email(s).
  4. As the data has been updated the Portfolio, Building, and Team Utilization reporting for the month can commence.

If you want to be notified when the Badge Swipe files are processed, then set the Badge Swipe Contact Email, refer to Badge Swipe Configuration.