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Serraview Integration Setup for 360Facility

Responsible: Serraview Implementation Manager

The following setup needs to be completed.

No. Item

Enable the Service Request Module

The Serraview Implementation Manager will enable the Service Requests module.


Enable the Work Order Integration

For the UAT environment or for the Production environment submit a support ticket to the Serraview Support team.  

Example email:


Subject = Enable  Work Order Integration for [Customer Name]

Description = Please enable Work Order Integration for https://[instancename]

This is for the 360Facility integration and please complete by Year/Month/Day.


Set up the Serraview UAT Environment

Establish or refresh the Serraview customer UAT environment. Lock the environment so it will not accidentally get refreshed and overwrite the integration configuration.

The APIs setup (Service Account, OAuth, Private Key, and SRI Configuration) must be re-established after each UAT refresh. Complete the steps in Set up the APIs for Serraview and 360Facility.


Enable OAuth

Submit a support ticket to the Serraview Support team with the following message, Enable OAuth in Production http://[instance_name]

For the initial OAuth set up, please allow 3 to 5 days.


Set up the APIs

This section and all steps (except for the new role) must be repeated for the UAT environment and any subsequent refreshes.

Useful Terms

  • Service Account – The Service Account is created to allow the 360Facility API to authenticate and interact with Serraview based on a set of defined secured actions.
  • Private Key – This is an encrypted password that is generated by Serraview when a service account is created. Serraview does NOT store private keys and they must only be held by the system accessing Serraview.
  • Account ID – Serraview automatically creates the Account ID when the Service Account is created.

For more information, refer to Set up the APIs for Serraview and 360Facility.


Modify Security Access for Administrators (Serraview Staff)

For Administrators to create new roles or to update an existing roles with the secured actions used by the integration, the Secured Actions must first be added to the System Administration roles.

If you do not have access to the Secured Actions below, contact Serraview Support and have them add these actions to System Administrator role and then create or update existing roles.

If you do not have access to the secured actions below, contact Serraview Support team and have  them add these actions to the System Administrator roles. Refer to Section 5.5.4 Create a role called 360Facility_API_Role, to modify the System Administrator roles to include the following secured actions:

Secured Action Description

Service Requests - Access Work Orders

Allows the user to view the work orders

Serraview will not display the work orders until the Service Request Integration is turned on.

Service Requests - Create Work Order Facilities Request

Allows the user to create a 360Facility Child Work Order in the Serraview Work Order tab.

Service Requests – Manage Status Mapping

Allows the administrator to update the status mapping between Serraview and 360Facility.

Serraview cannot activate the Status Mapping tab until the API is setup and connected.