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Why is there a difference in the statistics between Portfolio Dashboards and VBS in regard to the Peak People?

VBS Peak People statistic (in the Information Panel) can be comparable to Portfolio Dashboards' Residents (found in the Residents and Non Residents Panel). The statistics are defined as:

The reason the statistics are different are:

  • Portfolio Dashboards display where people were detected vs VBS assumes people work where they are assigned. For example, if all the teams are deleted from a building, the VBS will show its utilization is 0%, whereas Portfolio Dashboards Peak People will stay the same (though its Residents and Non residents values will change upon the server cache is refreshed).
  • Different data sources such as SVLive, Badge Swipe, sensors, or beacons. For example, by default Portfolio Dashboards display SVLive data and by default VBS displays Badge Swipe data.