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2022 March Serraview Product Release

The following was released for Serraview:

Markers can be placed on your Floorplans

Released March 20th

The Spaces module's latest enhancement is the new Marker tool which lets you place markers on the floorplan, such as a Fire Extinguisher, Lockers, Mail Room.


Learn more about this new feature, see Add, Move, or Remove Markers.

Filter the 102 BOS Report by the BOS Move Project

Released March 20th

The 102 BOS Report now includes the new filter called By BOS Move Project so you will be able to filter for your project and then generate the report that contains the BOS Grid.


Learn more, see 102 BOS Report.

Set up a new Create Service Request form

Released March 5th

When you want to submit a service request about the flicking light above your desk or that the electronic whiteboard in your meeting room is not working, now you will be able to create a facilities service request. Your System Administrator will be able to duplicate the Default Template and then set up new Service Request Templates using the Request Form Builder. 

Request Form Builder Example

In this example, the Request Form Builder has a new template called Facility Template and this is applied to the Report a Repair or Maintenance Issue (service request type). Also, the template has been modified to remove unwanted fields and new custom fields have been added. The new custom fields are called Where is the issue? and What is the issue?


Create a Service Request Form Example

When you create a new Service Request, you will first choose the reason for the request, and then the service request form displays. Below you will see that the form is for reporting a repair or maintenance issue.


Learn how to set up and modify the template in Modify the Create Service Request Form Template.

Manually Archive People in the  People Directory 

Released March 5th

When people leave your company they are normally archived when the next Person Import is uploaded into Serraview, however, if you need to archive a person sooner now you will be able to archive them manually from the People Directory.


Learn more in Manually Archive a Person.

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