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Asset Details Dashboard

This dashboard is found in Shared > Assignments & Allocations > Details Reports.


A tabular focused dashboard, designed with the option of exporting to CSV or Microsoft Excel (use Explore From here to export to Excel). This dashboard includes all Assets, including those that have no location. Information but its current owner is included, including the owner's location, for easy comparison to the asset location. This dashboard is good for data validation and detailed planning.

This dashboard is equivalent to the Serraview standard report called 150 Asset Export Report.

Special Data Elements

  • Org Unit Name - The org unit the asset is allocated to. For the owner’s, see Owner Org Unit

Special Filters

  • Org Unit Name - This filters to assets that have an org unit at or below the filtered org unit.


  • 1 row will display per asset. This means the same space or person can appear multiple times if they are associated with more than 1 asset.