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2022 November Insights Product Release

Insights Editor

Released November 10th

Insights Editor updates include:

  • MOVED - Moved the Disable Latest Date parameter to the Location view for more efficient query performance.

Insights Dashboards

Released November 10th

Insights Dashboards updates include:

  • NEW - Village Details Dashboard - The Village Details dashboard lists villages across the portfolio and lists all of their locations. As it is a detail-orientated dashboard, it has only one tile which can be exported as CSV, or via Excel, if you use explore from here. Includes all baseline metrics regarding Workpoints, Assignments, and areas.
  • UPDATE - SVLive Troubleshooting Dashboard - Removed the Raw Details tile for performance reasons and you can find that tile in the SVLive People Details Dashboard. Additional bug fixes and minor improvements to the SVLive Troubleshooting Dashboard were completed.
  • UPDATEAssignments (Data Quality) Dashboard - Added more exceptions to the dashboard.