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Bulk Update Person

From the Bulk Update module.
  1. Use the Bulk Update Search and Filter to find the people.
  2. Select multiple Bulk Update grid rows to make your selection.
  3. Click the Update button. The Updating (number) People form displays.


The Person fields that can be updated are:

  • Work From Home check box
  • Opt-out of SVLive check box
  • Opt-out of Engage check box
  • Archive if not present in Import check box
  • Chat Type drop-down
  • Roles field
  • Person Tags field

The other fields that display are custom fields. 

Bulk Update Tag Example

In this example, the people in the Funds Mgmt & Analysis team will be updated to have the Red Squad tag added.

  1. Initially, when you want to update a field and you hover over it, the field will be disabled and the Don't cursor displays. 
  2. Hover the Don't Update link to display the menu.

As this is a Tag field it allows for tags to be added or removed, therefore you will be able to:

  • Overwrite - this will overwrite all existing tags
  • Add Only - this will add the tag to the existing tags
  • Delete Only - this will remove the tag from the existing tags


3. As you want to add a tag, select the Add Only.

4. In the Tag field, enter the name of the tag. For example Red Squad.


5. Click the Update button.


If your selection is a large data set then this will be sent as a job when you click the Update button. Serraview will receive this job and process update, therefore you will need to wait a few minutes for the job to be completed.