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People Directory


The people directory is the data that changes the most within a property portfolio, with new starters and people leaving on a daily basis and the data is normally managed via the Person Import via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)For more details on the Person Import, refer to People Initial Upload and the Requirements for People Data.

Manage the People Directory

Manage Archive Candidates

The Person Import has a setting to archive people who are not in the import, these people will normally be employees who have left the company. When this setting is used add any person in Serraview who is not present in the Person Import file will be moved to the Archive Candidates list. The archive candidates will stay on the list for a predetermined time before they are deleted from Serraview. This ensures that as people are off-boarded from your source data, they are also removed from Serraview. The archive candidates identifies where a person does not appear within the People Directory and removes or "archives" them for a predetermined time prior to deleting them from Serraview.

Learn more in Archive or Reject People on the Archive Candidates List.

Manually Archive People

When people leave your company they are normally archived when the next Person Import is uploaded into Serraview, however, if you need to archive a person sooner you can archive them manually from the People Directory.

Learn more in Manually Archive a Person

Manage People with an unknown Org Unit

After a Person Import there may be a person with an unknown org unit. This can occur when the source data (from the HR System) is not up-to-date, for example, a new starter joins the company. We recommend that the employee record is updated in the source data, however, if you need to the person's org unit can be manually updated in Serraview, see Update People with an unknown Org Unit.

Manage Special Roles and Tags

You can apply a special role tag to a person to indicate they have a requirement such as OHS Requirement, Needs a sit to stand desk, Needs dual monitors. Or you can apply a tag to a person to indicate they have a special role such as Fire Warden, First Aid Officer, or Floor Warden. For more information, see Add or Remove a Special Role or Tag on a Person.

Manage the Person's Photo

Your System Administrator can manually update the person's photo. Or they can set up the Person Import's Image URL field to import in bulk the images, for more details see Add Photography for Employees and Spaces and the Requirements for People Data.

Audit History

When the people are updated the changes are recorded in the audit history, see View People Directory Audit History.

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