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Serraview Core API

The Serraview Core API can be used to access data related to your organization's property portfolio, which allows you to create your application or integration quickly and easily.
The Serraview Core API implements the OAuth 2.0 service-to-service flow and utilizes JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to transfer claims between parties. For an external application to gain access to Serraview API, refer to Access Serraview APIs.

You can use the Serraview Core API to:

  • Search for people information, including images that display the person's assigned location.
  • Fetch building information, including floorplan images with option space type highlighting.
  • Request and assign desks for new employees.
  • Run custom and seeded reports.
  • Manage service requests. 

For information on how to view the API, refer to View Serraview Core API.