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Engage Calendar Integration Troubleshooting

The following troubleshooting items will help you diagnose and solve problems.
Area Symptom Checks
Active Office 365

When you are completing the steps in the Activate Office 365 Connector in Serraview article and you see an error screen.

This can occur after you have entered the Service Account credentials to log in and then on the Permission requested screen, click the Accept button. 


Make sure the Service Account was created using the instructions in Integrate Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 Calendar.

Book a meeting room Users can't book a meeting room via Engage

Check Resource Calendars

IT Team to check that the resource calendar is in the distribution group.

Check that the resource calendar's email address has been added in Serraview, see Set up Space Reservations with Calendar Integration.

Check Credentials 

IT Team to check if the Service Account's password has changed, if it has you will need to re-active the integration see either:

Our Support team can let the IT Team know if their IT team member has used their personal credentials instead of the Service Account credentials to activate the integration.