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Parking Quick Reports


The Parking module has a set of quick reports that can be run without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module.

Run the Quick Reports

From the module complete the following:

  1. Click the Reports icon.


2. Click the quick report.

3. Your report will run and download to your device. When it is downloaded, you can open the report and view its content.

The reports available for this module are:


Report Name



150 Asset Export Report

Details the assets information across the portfolio or by location.


219 Car Park Details Report

Detailed car park information and exceptions across the portfolio.


291 Car Park Allocation Plan Report

Shows the allocation of car parks on a floorplan.

The quick reports are configurable by your System Administrator. They can choose different reports to run and the parameters set on each report for maximum benefit for your business. For information on setting up the quick reports, refer to Quick Reports.