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Share or Deep-link to a Dashboard

When you open a dashboard it will have a unique URL that can be shared or deep linked to.

Remember that each Serraview Insights Dashboard has a secured action so if the Serraview user has the secured action called Insights-Access they will have access to all the dashboards but if you only want the Serraview user to see a particular dashboard then you will need your System Administrator to give the Serraview user or their role the dashboard's secured action. For more details, see Security for Insights Dashboards.

Highlight the URL and copy it and this can be shared or deep-linked to.


Also, you can select filters to the dashboards and then click the Update image2021-10-19_11-5-54.png icon to apply the filters to the dashboard. 


Now, the filter parameters are added to the URL. You can select the URL and then copy it ready for it to be pasted as a shared or deep-linked to.