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Send out Validation Open, Reminder, or Closed Emails

Level: System Administrator

You can send out the Validation Open, Reminder, or Closed emails to the Workplace Administrators to notify them that the Validation is open and they can begin the validation, or a Validation Reminder, or a Validation is closed email. If you want to edit the content of the email then refer to Update Workplace Administration Emails and to Manage Email Templates.

Step 1. Filter by Teams or Admins

Navigate to Audits > Workplace Admin.

The Manage Admins screen contains a Show By filter for Teams or Admins and either filter below will display Workplace Administrators assigned to teams.


Use either:

  • Show By: Teams

The Teams filter is selected by default, leave this selected.

  • Show By: Admins

When you select the Admins filter then all the administrators display such as Storage Administrator, Workplace Administrator, BOS Coordinator, and Technology Coordinator. However, you only want to send the validation email to the Workplace Administrators so you will need to filter for this Administrator Type.

  1. Click the Admins filter.
  2. Click the Filters clipboard_e607c8f41b301278067e10c6cffd786b0.png icon.
  3. In the Administrator Type drop-down, select Workplace Administrator.
  4. Click the Filters clipboard_e891f545a71bd26c5b7445cf44d73cdcd.png icon to hide the filters.

Step 2. Select the Workplace Administrators

Select the Workplace Administrators, either:

Step 3. Send Email

  1. Click the Send email button.

The emails you can send displays.

2. Select either:

  • Workplace Admins: Validation Open
  • Workplace Admins: Validation Reminder
  • Workplace Admins: Validation Closed