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Move a Person from a Workpoint using drag and drop


 Remove Person from a Workpoint >>

When dragging a person from one workpoint to another, this will move them to the new workpoint. All workpoints that do not contain a person's name, or a retention status are displayed with a red badge at the top of the workpoint list.

  1. Click the Workplace icon.
  2. Select a location.
  3. If you have multiple teams, click the My Teams button to only view your teams.
  4. In the Teams list, click on your team name.

The team members will highlight on the floorplan with a yellow circle on their workpoints.


5. Hover on the person you want to move, and the cursor displays as worddav4f7264f14e022afd1ed4b9149c6eef3a.png .

6. Drag and drop the person onto another workpoint.

This will add this person to the team owning the workpoint. If the person is in an existing team, they will now display in both teams.

For example, Bradford Leeuwenstein moved from W12.002 and this workpoint's team is Asset Costing and he was moved to W12.005 and this workpoints team is Asset Portfolio Management. Bradford now displays in both teams. The workpoint that is unallocated, is still owned by the original team. For example, W12.002 is still owned by Asset Costing.