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Highlights Through to 2020 May 18

Below are the highlights for the release.


Migration Manager Filter

This filter lets you display the BOS rows for a particular Migration Manager or find move rows with no Migration ManagerThe filter is found on the the BOS Move Data and the BOS Move Desk Allocation screens.


For details, refer to Find BOS Move Rows with no BOS Migration Manager.

Secured Action for BOS Split Moves

New secured action called BOS - Split Row and this will give the user access to the Split Row button.


For details, refer to Security in BOS.

Advanced Filters enhanced for Storage, Lockers, and Parking

You now have the ability to filter by type, such as cabinet 3 shelf, cabinet 2 shelf.


For details, refer to the following:

The Type drop-down contains items that can be configured, refer to Configure Asset Category Keyword.

Workplace Administration

Workplace Administration Automatic Emails

When you add an Workplace Administrator against a Team or add an Access Profile the user will be automatically sent an email. The following emails are now in Serraview:

  • (Manage Admins) Assignment Notification (New User)
  • (Manage Admins) Assignment Notification (Existing User)

For details, refer to Update Workplace Administration Emails.

Edit your Workplace Administrators

When you have an existing Workplace Administrator leave a team you will be able to replace them for another Workplace Administrator.

If the person assigned as the Workplace Administrator is the same for all teams then you will have the ability to edit.


If the Workplace Administrators are different across the teams, for example:

  • Compliance (0050055) is assigned Luke Smith
  • ICT & Media (0050097) is assigned Luke Smith
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (357037) is assigned Nick Fury 

And these Workplace Administrators are to be replaced by Carolyn Johnston. You will see the Add icon as the replacement person will need to have the security role added to their user account.


For details, refer to Replace the Workplace Administrators assigned to Team(s).


Retention Status now re-built in Serraview Version 3

Found under the menu Configuration > General. For details, refer to Retention Statuses.


Recent Imports now re-built in Serraview Version 3

Found under the menu Configuration > General. For details, refer to View Recent Imports.


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