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Change Working Style - From Fixed Team to Flexi Team

You can switch the team's working style of a team in bulk or for a single team.

Change a Fixed Team to Flexible Team

From the VBS complete the following:

  1. On the stack, double click the Fixed Team. The Edit Team form displays.
  2. From the Working Style option buttons, select Flexible. When the Working Style Change prompt displays, you will need to choose from the following options:


4. Select either:

  • Auto - convert all of the team's desks to Flexible. This will remove people from their assigned desk and list them as flexible occupants against the team.
  • Manual - only convert unassigned desks to Flexible. Existing desks assigned to people will remain Fixed.

5. Click the Update Team button.

If Manual was selected you will be required to make the changes to assigned desks manually:

Change Multiple Fixed Teams to Flexible Teams

If you want to update the working style for multiple teams then you will need to create a Scenario Plan, use the Change Teams to Flexible bulk update tool to update the teams, and then publish the Scenario to live. For more information, refer to Scenario Planner and Bulk Update Tools in Scenario VBS.