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Why is peak people different for floors versus teams in VBS ?

The VBS Information Panel shows useful statistics, but utilization is seen almost everywhere in Serraview. Throw in fancy words like 'peak' and statistics against a floor versus a team, and it can get very interesting.

Let's start at the beginning ...

What data does my VBS utilization statistics use?

VBS utilization is dependent on your utilization source data from either:

  • SVLive (Wired)
  • Badge Data

If you need to check your settings, refer to Configure Utilization for VBS - Information Panel or ask your System Administrator.

SVLive Data

VBS assumes people work where they are assigned, and counts all people seen at the location through SVLive data, whether they are assigned to that location or not. 

For example, if all the teams are deleted from a building, the VBS will show its utilization is 0%, whereas Portfolio Dashboards Peak People will stay the same (though its Residents and Non residents values will change upon the server cache is refreshed).

  • Team Peak Utilization - When a person is assigned to a team in a building and they are seen via SVLive data on any floor in the same building, they will count towards Team Utilization. That is, a person in the team can be seen anywhere in the building, which will count towards Team Utilization.
  • Floor Peak Utilization - Include a person that was seen on that floor and has a team on that floor only. If a person is seen on a floor, and does not have a team on that floor, they will not count towards Floor Utilization.
  • Floor Utilization - The person must be seen on a floor AND have a team on this floor. Reviewing the Floor Utilization, this reveals how often people work on the same floor as their allocated team.
  • Team Utilization - The person must be seen in a building (any floor) AND have a team in this building. With Team Utilization, we can see that people are working in a building where their team is allocated.

What's happening is that the peak number for the floor is calculated from the maximum people seen on the floor at any one day, measured over a three month period (by default, this is set in configuration, refer to Configure Utilization for VBS - Information Panel).

When you select the teams, it will measure the number of residents on the busiest day over the set duration. The sum of team busiest day people is guaranteed to be greater then or equal to the floor busiest day people. This is because the teams busiest days are likely to be separate from each other, and from the floors busiest day.

For a better example of this, imagine there are three teams on your floor and we are measuring utilization over a three day period.

We can calculate that the 'peak' value for the floor on each day is 74, 51, and 83 people respectively. Though when we measure against the team we can see that the 'peak' for team 1 was 20, team 2 was 11 and team 3 was 58. Add these numbers together gives us 89, a higher value than the 'peak people' for the floor even on the busiest day.

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Team 'Peak People'
Team 1 20 people 10 people 15 people 20 People
Team 2 10 people 11 people 10 people 11 People
Team 3 44 people 30 people 58 people 58 People
Floor (sum) 74 People 51 People 83 People 89 People (invalid)