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Send an email from the Production Environment

Level: System Administrator
The Email Outbox contains the emails that have been sent or the pending email yet to be sent.
  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Email.
  2. Click the Email Outbox image2021-8-9_16-36-34.png icon.

The Email Outbox tab displays, listing all emails with the status of their delivery either:

  • Success
  • Error
  • Pending - this refers to emails that cannot be sent, perhaps due to an incorrect email address or because you have sent an email from the Staging environment.


If you are using the UAT environment, you can push out the pending email from the Email Outbox. For more information, refer to Send an email from the UAT Environment.

You can search the outbox for a specific type of email.

  • use the Search field, enter the search criteria.

Send out an email

  1. Check the email's selection check box to the left of the row. Note: You can select the top check box to select all the rows OR to select multiple rows, use Ctrl key + click to select multiple rows. You can also select the first row, hold the Shift key and then select the last row which will select all rows between those two points.
  2. Click the Resend Email button. The Send Email dialog displays.


3. In the Email Address field, enter the email address.

4. Click the Send Email button.

The email is sent and the status is changed to Success.