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Booking Recaptures Dashboard


This dashboard provides a detailed summary of booking cancelations, recycles, and recaptures. A recapture booking is a booking that was not canceled and that also replaced a canceled booking. Recapture bookings indicate how much space usage has been gained due to the above recycled bookings. The Booking Timeline tile helps you see visually what % of space usage is due to recaptures. In other words - this calls out how much gain there has been due to effective recapture rates.

A canceled booking is considered recycled if another booking took up its time window and space. More recycled bookings indicate effective booking tool use from employees, allowing them to easily (or automatically) cancel bookings no longer needed and have them replaced. The Canceled Booking timeline show visually the % of bookings that get canceled and recycled. Low recycle rates may indicate the lead time for cancelations could be improved.

Special Data Elements 

  • Recycle Pct = The percentage of canceled bookings that are recycled (i.e. were replaced by one or more bookings of the same space during the same time window)
  • Recaptured Hours = The amount of time recapture bookings overlapped with canceled bookings. (For example, if a canceled booking was from 1pm to 2pm, and was recaptured by a booking 1pm to 1:30pm, the recapture minutes would be 30)
  • Duration Recycle Correlation = This tile highlights the correlation between the duration of a the canceled booking and the likelihood to be recycled. Durations over 24 hours are grouped together as 25+ hours.
  • Lead Time Recycle Correlation = This tile highlights the correlation between the lead time of a the canceled booking and the likelihood to be recycled. Lead time is how much time there is between the datetime the booking was canceled and the datetime the canceled booking was due to occur.

Special Filters

  • Space Category filter - A general indicator of the type of space. If a space has workpoints, it is considered ‘Work Space’. If it has seats, it is considered ‘Meeting Space’, otherwise it is considered ‘Other' which is filtered out by default.


All of the above information is for bookings canceled prior to their start time. Bookings that began but were canceled early are currently not included.