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Relationship Manager Role

This role is defined as:
  • the conduit between the Corporate Real Estate team and the business.
  • they may look after a business division or a specific location and can either sit with Corporate Real Estate or with the teams or location they represent.
  • their primary goal is to understand the needs of the business and communicate this with the Corporate Real Estate team.
  • generally, report to the Head of Commercial Workplace or a Head of Strategy.

Also known as a Client Manager or Project Manager.

Key Responsibilities

Who do they work with?

Communicating strategy

Relationship Managers are responsible for ensuring Corporate Real Estate's strategic plans are communicated to the business, ensuring future plans achieve the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Business Unit Managers and Divisional Heads

Understanding the Business

As businesses grow and needs change, it is the responsibility of the Relationship Managers to ensure Corporate Real Estate understands forecasted changes and project needs of the teams and work with Space Planners to enable cohesive planning. It is important for Relationship Managers to be across service requests raised by their business as well as follow any Forecasting processes in place to ensure strategic planning is accurately representing current and future needs.

Business Unit Managers and Divisional Heads to understand the current and future needs of the business.

Occupancy Planners to be across Real Estate strategy and major projects that may affect their business or location.

Oversight of Moves and Relocations

Relationship Managers play a part in ensuring large relocation projects or consolidations are executed successfully. Through oversight and liaison with the Business Unit Managers and Divisional Heads, Relationship Managers act as a conduit between Corporate Real Estate and the business, communicating any concerns or changes. They may also work with Scenario Planners to ensure buy-in from the business during the planning phases, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.

Business Unit Managers and Divisional Heads

Reporting Needs

Relationship Managers need to be across the reporting available in Serraview to ensure they have access to current and accurate information about the business. This information is important to discussions around space requirements and utilization as well as a visual representation of current situations and future plans. Relationship Managers may spend some time in the analysis of statistics and information around their business to assess the validity of requests and forecasts.


Change Management

Relationship Managers may work with Change Managers where relocations or projects involve major changes to the business, such as a transition to Activity Based Working or Flexible Working practices.

Change Managers