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View Only Mode and Edit Mode

Auto-saving and View Only Mode

The VBS will auto-save and this enforces that the VBS is the source of truth and must only be edited when you are making changes to the live VBS data. Auto-saving also means that no work can be accidentally lost.

View Mode

The View Only displays by default and lets you safely investigate the Block and Stack without accidentally making changes to the live VBS data.


While in this mode, you can display the Block and Stack and the following forms:

Edit Mode

When you are ready to update the VBS, then change the VBS to edit mode to enable the toolbars and editing.

  1. Click Edit VBS button and the VBS displays the following:


2. Before you work on the live VBS data you need to understand what changes you want to make:

2.1 If you want to make simple changes to the live VBS data, then continue on to assign allocation and update occupancy.

2.2 If you want complex or large changes then we recommend that you protect your truth and trail the workplace changes in Scenario Planner. You can easily create multiple scenario move plans for the same building or floor, and then push the chosen scenario into the live VBS data. To quickly create a scenario move plan, click the + Scenario Plan. The Create Scenario Plan dialog displays.