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329 Utilization - Space Type Details


This report displays utilization details for each chosen space type within the selected locations. Only utilization sources specific to an individual space (such as SVLive Wired) will be used; sources like SVLive Wi-Fi and Badge Swipe, which cannot identify which specific space was used, will be excluded.

Key Data

  • Space Type Summary tab - Displays the key statistics for each space type for the entire date range, including:
    • Total Spaces (the number of spaces of that space type in the chosen Building or Floor), Capacity (the total Seats and Workpoints in all of the spaces)
    • Peak Unique Spaces (the highest number of spaces used on any one day)
    • Peak Unique Utilized %
    • Average Spaces Used per Day
    • Average Utilized %
    • Average Hours Used (per Space per Day).


  • Space Type Daily Breakdown tab - Displays the utilization of each space type for each day in the date range.


  • Individual Space Breakdown tab - Displays the utilization for the chosen date range of each individual space belonging to the selected space types.


  • By default, the report will run for all space types with utilization data on the chosen building or floor. If you want to focus on specific space types, choose these from the Space Types parameter.
  • If you select the "Include Sub-types" check box, all children of your chosen Space Types will be included (for instance, if you choose Workspace, you will see data for Desk: Standard and Sit to Stand Desk).