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Version 2.62 - September 2018 Release Notes

Notable Changes and New Features

Write to CAD

We have added new functionality to ensure that changes made to your space in Serraview are reflected in your CAD (.DWG) files. Now when you change the space name or space type directly in Serraview, your imported CAD files can be updated too. This functionality will help save time and money and ensure that Serraview remains the source of truth for your CAD files. Serraview also supports .DWG files imported using the DWG 2018 format. 

Serraview Supports Chargeback for Third Party Tenants / Subleases

Serraview's Workplace Optimization solution lets you streamline your chargeback process with new functionality. Now you can view a breakdown of your chargebacks for internal teams as well as third-party tenants in the VBS (Visual Block & Stack). This capability will give you greater insight, accountability and accuracy into the reporting of your rentable areas.

As part of this feature, we have updated our terminology for charge rules as listed below:

  • Renamed charge rule 'Non-usable' to 'rentable exclusions'
  • Renamed charge rule 'Building Common' to 'Building Common All'
  • Renamed charge rule 'Floor Common' to 'Floor Common All'
  • New charge rule - 'Building Common Internal'
  • New charge rule - 'Floor Common Internal'
  • New Charge Rule - 'Sublease'
  • New Charge Rule - 'Base Building'
  • There has been no change to 'Dedicated Allocation' and 'Shared Allocation' charge rules.

Minor Enhancements and Fixes

Space Optimization

Enhancement – New check box 'Show in Portfolio Dashboard' added to Building form. This allows a building to be shown in the VBS but excluded from the Portfolio Dashboard.

Enhancement - Spaces with dedicated allocation and zero workpoints and can now have a person assigned using drag and drop in the VBS.

Fix - When the Utilization Provider is set to SVLive for a building, VBS information panel has been fixed to filter out all other sources and only include SVLive data.

Fix - Workpoint count is now updating correctly in Scenario Planner when blocking a hood.

Fix - Corrected issue in Space Mapping where labels/space types were not displaying in the user interface.

Fix - Resolved issue in Workplace where spaces were not being displayed on the floorplan when zoomed in.

Fix - Resolved issue where deleting a container with associated meeting data now generated an error.


Enhancement - When generating a Service Request from 360Facility, the priority field set in 360Facility is now passed through to the Service Request.

Fix – Comments added to a 360Facliity Work Order are now received by Service Requests with the correct time zone.

Dashboards & Reporting

Enhancement - Improved response time for Region drop-down in Portfolio Dashboard.

Enhancement - Both building name and floor number now show in Portfolio Dashboard's header.

Enhancement - Styling improvements made to pivot columns e.g. being able to highlight a pivot column in a particular color.

Fix – When using IE11, the icons and legend now display in Reporting Dashboard.

Fix - Resolved issue in Reporting Dashboards where spaces were not being displayed on the floorplan when zoomed in.

Fix -  Total building area shown in Portfolio Dashboard now aligned with total building area in Buildings & Floors.

Fix - Floorplan Importer now supports special characters in a container name.

Smart Environments

Locator 6.9.0

Enhancement – As an initial step toward improvement of Locator issue management, errors generated in the top left of Locator will no longer be shown automatically in the user interface. To see error text, System Administrators can now append ?errorMode=true  to the end of their Locator URL and press the Enter key. Then quote the generated error text to the Serraview Support team when seeking further assistance in resolving the issue. For example:

Enhancement - Removed streamline touch feature to improve user experience on touch screens.

Fix – Fixed issue where Locator floorplans were not loaded when rapidly switching floors.

Fix - Locator stylesheets updated to better support IE11, resolving an issue where Locator was not rendering correctly when resizing/zooming.

Fix - Resolved issue where people were appearing outside the floorplan in Locator.

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