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Eptura Knowledge Center

Security FAQs

Q. What are the requirements for my password?

By default, passwords must conform to the below rules:

  • Contains at least 8 characters.
  • Must not include your name.
  • Contains at least one lowercase and uppercase letter.
  • Contain at least one number or special character.
  • Cannot contain the same character consecutively more than twice.

Q. How can I reset my password?

  1. From the Sign In page, click Reset Password button to send a Reset Password email.
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

For more information, refer to Reset password (from the Sign In screen).

Q. User Account is Locked - How can I unlock my account?

It can be frustrating when you can't remember your password, but it's even worse when you get locked out of your account.

Why is My Account Locked?

If you use manual sign on and enter the wrong password more than the maximum allowed attempts, your account will become locked. 

The number of maximum attempts is different for every instance. The number of failed attempts doesn't clear until you log in successfully. 

If you enter the wrong password twice in a row and want to prevent your account from becoming locked, you can always click the Reset Password link, refer to Reset password (from the Sign In screen).

How Can I Unlock My Account?

If you are a user who signs into Serraview manually and your account is locked, then contact your System Administrator as they can unlock user accounts refer to Unlock or lock the user account.

If your business uses SSO to sign into Serraview then contact your System Administrator as they will need to liaise with your IT Department to correct the SSO issue.

Q. How do I stop password reset emails from being sent to my junk folder?

Include the email address to your contacts list or mark as not spam.

Q. My sign in email is incorrect?

Contact a Serraview Administrator to check what the correct email is. If the email has been correctly entered, then the password is incorrect, and a new password will need to be requested.

For more information, refer to Reset password by the System Administrator.