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Update Contacts and Assignees

From the Manage Service Request screen.
  • Click a service request to edit. The Edit Service Request screen displays.

Update the Service Request Contacts and Assignees

You can assign the service request to the person who will either oversee or complete the request such as the Assignee, IT Assignee, Capital Works, Delivery Manager, or General Manager. Also, you can update the contacts for the service request such as the Created By and Requested By.


  1. For the contact, either: 
    • For the field, you want to add a name, click the Add clipboard_eb38e683ef144467a053857c10eee7a94.pngicon.
    • For the field, you want to edit, click the Edit clipboard_e551c796dfa9add398fe7d46c3c8b0083.png icon.

The name field displays in edit mode.


2. In the name field, enter the name of the person.

3. The field will search as you type, select the name of the person from the list.

The contact person is added and the Assignment Notification email is sent out to them.

You can remove the name, by clicking the x icon next to the person's name.

The service request may have default people associated with the request type, refer to Configure Service Request Default People and Authorizers.