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Accruent 360Facility and Serraview


If you are using Accruent's 360Facility facilities management software, it can be integrated with Serraview's service requests to enable 360Facility users to generate service requests from within 360Facility. You can also create and view 360Facility work orders from within a Serraview service request for Space Planners to action.


The Serraview Implementation team will complete the integration.


Access to the Work Orders and the Accruent 360Facility integration is managed using secured actions.


You can use 360Facility to create a new facilities work order within a Serraview Service Request, refer to Create a Work Order for Accruent 360Facility  and you can view the 360Facility work orders in Serraview, refer to View and action work order for Accruent 360Facility.


You can configure the work order's priority, scheduled for date, and statuses.