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Version 2.60 - May 2018 Release Notes

Notable Changes and New Features

SVLive Peak Utilization data in the VBS

For customers who use SVLive, we now provide the ability to use SVLive utilization data to drive Peak People and Peak Utilization statistics in our Visual Block & Stack (VBS). The VBS Information Panel can be configured to display either badge swipe data (speedgates data), SVLive or none (no utilization data) per building in your portfolio. To set the Building Default Utilization Provider. When the default utilization provider has been set, you can override the Building Utilization Provider on a per building basis. 


SVLive is a component of the Smart Environments offering. It enhances the core workplace management solution by providing access to real-time utilization data, enabling the business to achieve the highest level of portfolio optimization. 

Minor Enhancements and Fixes

Space Optimization

Enhancement – Removed the Smart Track references from user interface forms. For example, Building details form, Floor details form and VBS workpoint details pop-up.

Fix – Tooltip for custom fields will now display.

Fix – Space label overlapping/positioning for spaces that are not rectangular i.e. triangles has been fixed in VBS and Workplace.


Enhancement- Service Request integrated with 360Facility has a link in the Work Order tab that will take you to the parent work order. Refer to 360Facility Work Orders


Enhancement- BOS (Bodies On Seats) lets you add an entire hood to a BOS project via the quick add tool. Refer to BOS Quick Add

Enhancement- Storage, Lockers and Car Parks will now save immediately after you have made changes.

Dashboards & Reporting

Enhancement – Report Builder lets you create reports using archived records. For example, archived people and their associated details (last org unit, last location etc). Refer to Create New Tabular Report


Enhancement – Portfolio Dashboards includes the new setting Utilization Period with the default setting of 3 months. Due to performance reasons the settings maximum value is 6 months. Refer to Configure Utilization for Portfolio Dashboards

Smart Environments

Enhancement – The client logo can display in the top left-hand corner of the Locator's home page, instead of the company name when it is configured in Serraview. If a client logo is not available in Serraview, the company name will display which is the existing behavior. 


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