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Configure Default User Role and the Logon Identifier

Serraview Only Configuration

When a new user is created as an SSO user, then this user will be created in Serraview and will have a default user role. 

Contact Serraview Support, if you want a different new user role.

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General.
  2. Select User Sign in.
  3. In the Default New User Role ID, enter the id number. If your business requires secured actions to be added to the System - Default New User (ID 7071) then your System Administrator can manage the roles and secured actions in Serraview, refer to Manage User Roles.


  1. In the Logon Identifier drop-down, select either: Logon Name, Email, or Employee No.

Login Identifier

For a user to successfully sign in with the Login Identifier (e.g. logon name, email address, employee number), the identifier needs to match what is in Serraview with what is in the Identity Provider(IdP) server on the client's side. If these do not match, a successful login token cannot be given to the user and the error message "Login Identifier is not provided for user" displays. For more information on the error message, refer to User Security Troubleshooting.

  1. In the Logon Identifier Label, enter the label.


  1. Click the Update button.