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Common Block and Stack Terminology

The table below lists the terms you will hear/find when you working with the Block and Stack (VBS) module.




The process of assigning space, e.g. workstation, to a team or neighborhood.


The act of allocating specific workpoints to a Fixed Team or Neighborhood.

Capacity or Opportunity

The capacity of the team, neighborhood, floor, building, or region is defined by multiplying the number of workpoints by the assigned ratio.


The process by which Corporate Real Estate reports space allocations to the Finance Department for the purposes of charging business units for their space. Also known as Recharge.

Fixed Team

A team where each team member is assigned one desk.

Flexible Team

Flexible Teams are teams that use an Activity Based Working (ABW) or flexible working style. Flexi or ABW environments are designed to allow teams to share common space with one another.


A neighborhood is a defined space designed to hold one or more Flexi teams working in an ABW environment, however can also incorporate Fixed Teams if required.


The portion of space that is in-use. Often presented as a percentage, such as 9 assigned seats in a neighborhood with 10 seats 90% occupancy.


The Stack is a visual breakdown of Org Unit allocation on the floors of each building. The stack for each floor splits itself into different colors, each representing the Org Units or Teams with workstations allocated. Any unallocated workstations will be displayed in the stack with no color.

Target Ratio

Ratios refer to the number of workpoints compared to the number of people in a team, floor, zone, neighborhood, or building. A Fixed team always has a 1:1 ratio, whereas Flexi Teams may have a ratio of 1:1.2 or higher.

Team or Team Area

A group of people who work together within a business and use a defined area of a floor. Each team is represented by a single Cost Center in the Organizational Unit Hierarchy.


The efficiency of a space allocation by the occupants of a team, neighborhood, zone, floor, or building.