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Navigate the Workplace Portal Floorplan

<< View your Teams in the Workplace Portal

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in on a floorplan.

  1. Point your cursor on the area you want to zoom in to.
  2. Use the mouse's scroll wheel to scroll forward.
  3. When zoomed in, use the pointer cursor worddav98a64e1b303dda268b1cb06e79618b29.png to click and drag your way around the floorplan.

To run a report:

  • Click Quick Reports and select the report. The Quick Reports button is context-sensitive, so if you are viewing a floor the report will run for the floor or if you are viewing a team, it will run for the team.

The image below displays the Quick Reports button when viewed from a Floor.


You can view the most recent changes you have made in Workplace.

  • Near the top right-hand corner, click the Green Tick icon.


In the bottom right-hand corner there is a legend that indicates which desks require action, the allocation status, and the working style of the workpoints (Fixed or Flexible). If the legend is collapsed, then click the worddav137ee47498a3a57890d3afa9cde301b1.png icon to display the legend.


Display More Information

You can view the Workpoint dialog, click on a space on the floorplan. For example, a workpoint.

  1. When you hover over an editable field or space, the worddav9b6bb41f75dd951af5b6aacd5f400d09.png selection cursor displays.
  2. Click the space to display the allocation and occupancy details. For example, workpoint.


Single or Multiple Occupants

Each workpoint is configured to accept single or multiple occupants. This is indicated in the Person/Status header bar with either a Person worddavc8a2ff02e97127cb66b3f8781fd53a0c.png or Team worddav2746a0bedddf8c7eb8f00231ab26a7c7.png icon respectively. If you require the occupancy configuration to be changed for a workpoint, contact your Corporate Real Estate team.


The Enable Move/Keep Functionality option allows you to choose whether or not to move a person to a workpoint if they are already assigned to a workpoint. This option is not turned on by default. Before moving team members in Workplace, check with your System Administrator whether the Enable Move/Keep Functionality is enabled.

For more information, refer to Set the enable Move & Keep functionality.