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Migration Manager Role

This role is defined as:
  • employees within the business who have their own roles and responsibilities (within that Team or Business Unit) who are also chosen to engage with the CRE team around moves and changes for their Team or Business Unit.
  • the business contact during relocations and churns.
  • gather all of the relocation data for their Team or Business Unit.
  • they do not report to directly to anyone in the CRE team.

Also known as a Move Coordinator or Move Champion. Often this role is combined with the Workplace Administrator.

Key Responsibilities

Who do they work with?

Assist with gathering data in preparation for a move. When your Corporate Real Estate team has set up a BOS Move Plan, then you can be assigned a BOS Role and invited to update the BOS Move Plan with the location of where your team is moving to (and/or team members are sitting in the new location).

Migration Managers communicate with Relocations Managers and potentially Relationship Managers and Occupancy Planners from the Corporate Real Estate team.