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New Arrivals Dashboard


By providing Managers with a current list of all staff new to a facility or newly returning to a facility, the New Arrivals dashboard facilitates onboarding and facility-centric orientations, including new procedures for returning to the office.

Based on bookings/reservations data, for example, via Engage, the dashboard lists all persons arriving for the first time to a building for a meeting or booked desk. Optionally include those who are new since a certain date, for example, first time in the building since March 2020.

Special Data Elements

  • Is Desk Booking (Yes / No) - If yes, this indicates if the person has booked a desk/work point for their use.

Special Filters

  • Person has never booked here or their last booking record filter - This controls who is considered ‘new’. E.g., set to March 1, 2020 to list anyone returning to the building for the first time since that date as well as those who never booked a space in the building before. Set to ‘is any time’ to include all upcoming bookings. Set to ‘is on or after; relative; now’ to show only those persons with a first-time booking in the future. Etc.

  • Arrival Date filter - This filters records according to the scheduled date of arrival.


  • The dashboard is designed to list the first of a person’s bookings that meet the filter conditions. If a person has booked multiple spaces for exactly the same time, the person may be listed multiple times, once for each booking.

  • This dashboard assumes the use of the Engage app.

  • There will be up to a 1 hour delay between a new booking entry and record visibility in the dashboard.