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Publish a Dashboard to Custom Folder

Data Analyst

After you have finished editing a dashboard it is time to publish it to your dashboard users. You will need to move the folder to your company's custom folder.

Step 1. Move the Dashboard

1. Navigate the folders to the dashboard you want to move.

2. Click the More Actions image2020-9-30_16-10-44.pngicon.


3. Click Move... The Move Dashboard dialog displays.

4. Select your company's custom folder.

5. Click the OK button.

The dashboard is moved to the folder.

Step 2. Synchronize the Serraview Insight's Secured Actions

Next, you need to give your end-users access to the dashboard, so head on over to Serraivew.

From Serraview, complete the following:

1. Navigate to Resources > User Secuirty.

2. Click the Roles image2022-5-24_11-4-34.png icon.

3. Click the Sync Insights Secured Actions button. This will synchronize the secured actions for the newly published dashboards.


4. Search for and select the role you want to add the secured actions to.

5. In the Add Secured Actions section, click the Filter image2022-5-24_11-11-58.png icon.

6. In the filter enter the name of the dashboard.

7. Check the dashboard's secured action.


8. Click the Update Role button.

Now your dashboard users can see and use the dashboard.