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Add the Room Calendars you want to book via Locator


The Client needs to provide the Serraview Implementation team with the bookable meetings space names and associated calendar email address.

For the rooms that you want to book via Locator, you need to add the room calendar to each room.


From the Serraview complete the following:

  1. From left-menu click Block and Stack (VBS). The Building Selection screen displays.
  2. Either select a building from the Building Selection or from the Recently Opened list.
  3. For the floor, click the toggle icon_right.pngicon to display the floorplan.
  4. On the floorplan, double click a space. The Update Space form displays.
  5. Click the SVLive tab.
  6. In the Email field, enter the email address. For example,
  7. Click the Update Space button.

Also, the email addresses can be imported via the Workpoint Import, refer to Workpoint Import and Locator.