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User Security and Environments


System Administrators are responsible for managing access to Serraview. When implementing Serraview they will work with the Serraview to determine which users require access to each module within the system. The most common user types within Serraview are:

  • Data Manager
  • Migration Manager
  • Occupancy Planner
  • Workplace Administrator

Each of these user types will be assigned one or more roles within Serraview. Each role is made up of a set of secured actions that control their access to Serraview. Refer to Corporate Real Estate Team to understand the security roles in a business context.

Manage User Security

What is a Secured Action? 

Secured actions break down how users interact with Serraview modules and features. For example, to be able to view the VBS requires a specific secured action, while to make and save changes in the VBS requires a different secured action. This granularity allows System Administrators to control everything that the users can see and do, empowering or restricting users by adding or removing the appropriate secured actions.

Within Serraview, secured actions are grouped by module/function and are distinctly named for easy understanding.

What is a Role? 

A role consists of one or more secured actions, logically grouped together to perform a particular function within Serraview. All users must be assigned at least one role to access Serraview, and a user can have one or many roles depending on their access requirements. 

While a set of default roles are provided, the secured actions associated with each role can be modified to suit organizational needs. If required, new custom roles can be created.

What is an Environment?

Your organization will have the following environments set up:

  • UAT Environment
  • PROD Environment

The UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment is where the end-user testing is completed by the System Administrator. After any testing is completed then the latest release will be deployed to the PROD (Production) environment (or live environment). For information about the release process, refer to Release Management.


The following details how to manage the security in the two environments:

Audit History

Any updated to User Security or when user's signs into Serraview the details are recorded in the audit history: