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Hide an Attribute from the Equipment Filter List


 System Administrator

With Engage's Reservations Assist your employees can easily locate spaces that have the necessary equipment. If you have equipment that is not available in a space and needs to be hidden from the equipment listing, then your Administrator can quickly hide the attribute from space. This will ensure your employees can find spaces with the equipment they need.

The attribute can be hidden from the particular Space or the Main Attribute List (keyword) can be edited to hide the attribute. 


Hide an Attribute for a Space

When you add an attribute to a space, then you have the ability to hide it from Engage.


Hide a Room Attribute in the main Attribute Keyword List

Your Administrator can add or delete keyword(s) found in the main Attribute Keyword list. The keyword they need to edit is Room Attributes keyword.


Learn more about keywords in Keywords and Add or Remove the Space's Attributes.